Administrative Order 2023-1: Return to In-Person Proceedings

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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT, effective immediately, 专业责任委员会正在按照3月31日的规定调整其业务, 2023哥伦比亚特区上诉法院和哥伦比亚特区司法行政联合委员会命令, 取消所有进入法院建筑物的人士须戴面罩或口罩的规定.

Previously scheduled proceedings.  董事会口头辩论和听证委员会听证会已经安排在Zoom上举行, shall take place over Zoom, unless the respondent requests to hold the oral argument or hearing in person. 此类请求应在预定的口头辩论或听证会(除非听证会安排在本命令下达后的14天内)前至少14天提交执行检察官办公室,并送达纪律顾问, in which case the request shall be filed as soon as practicable).  在考虑将变焦程序转为面对面程序的任何此类请求时, 董事会或聆讯委员会须考虑进行亲临聆讯是否会不合理地延误案件的解决.

Proceedings to be scheduled.  委员会口头辩论和听证委员会对有争议的案件和尚未安排听证的恢复案件进行听证, 除非被投诉人要求在Zoom上进行诉讼,否则应安排面对面诉讼.  For Board arguments, the request to conduct the argument over Zoom, if any, shall be contained in the respondent’s brief, immediately before the respondent’s or counsel’s signature.  For Hearing Committee hearings in contested cases and reinstatement cases, the request to conduct the hearing over Zoom, if any, shall be made as soon as practicable, but no later than the date set for the pre-hearing conference.  这种请求应提交执行检察官办公室,并由纪律顾问处理.

Limited hearings in negotiated discipline cases, and pre-hearing conferences in all cases will continue to be held over Zoom.

通过Zoom进行的所有诉讼应继续在董事会或听证委员会的YouTube页面上进行直播(音频和视频).  Administrative Order 2020-6 shall apply to all proceedings held exclusively, or in part, over Zoom.

Late Requests/Unforeseen Circumstances.  董事会或听证委员会可以考虑在有充分理由的情况下提出的迟来的Zoom诉讼请求.  If illness or other unforeseen issue makes in-person attendance impractical, the Board or a Hearing Committee may permit attendance via Zoom, where appropriate to avoid rescheduling the proceeding.

In-person participation by Board and Hearing Committee Members.  When Board oral arguments are held in person, 多数有资格参与案件的董事会成员应亲自出席.  Other Board members may participate in the oral argument via Zoom.  Board Rule 13.不能亲自出席口头辩论的理事会成员的出席将适用第6条, or via Zoom.  Board Rule 13.6 (“Absent any objection from respondent made at or before the oral argument, 任何未出席口头辩论的审裁处成员,如缺席的成员听取辩论的录音,可参与审裁处的决定.”).

When hearings are held in person, all Hearing Committee members are encouraged to be present in person.  However, where this requirement would unreasonably delay the hearing schedule, one Hearing Committee member may participate in the hearing via Zoom.  执行澳门赌场官网办公室发布的听证委员会分配通知将确定将通过Zoom参加听证会的任何听证委员会成员.  Nothing in this Order shall limit Board Rule 7.12, 其中有关部分规定:“在由三人组成的聆讯委员会举行正式聆讯期间,如有委员未能出席整个聆讯, the Hearing Committee may proceed with a quorum of two members or, upon the consent of the parties, 听证委员会委员不能出席听证全程的,可以参加决定.”  The quorum necessary to comply with Board Rule 7.12人可由一名亲自出席的听证委员会成员和一名通过Zoom出席的听证委员会成员组成.

In-person appearance by witnesses.  In accordance with Board Rule 11.4(a), 可能被迫亲自出庭的证人,应当亲自出庭作证, 除非赞助证人的一方有充分理由证明该证人应该被允许通过Zoom作证.  可能不会被迫亲自出席听证会的证人将被允许通过Zoom作证,而无需要求赞助方提前21天提供远程证词通知.  See Board Rule 11.4(a).

Public access to disciplinary proceedings.  市民可在历史悠久的法院二号审判室旁听诉讼, 430 E Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.  Also, where practicable, 现场诉讼将在董事会或听证委员会的YouTube页面上进行直播.

Filing requirements.  In order to file any document with the Board on Professional Responsibility, or any Hearing Committee, the filing party shall convert the document to a PDF and email it to [email protected]. This includes all documents filed in pending cases, as well as Specifications of Charges, Petitions for Negotiated Discipline, Petitions for Reinstatement, and any other document filed with the Board or a Hearing Committee.  文件应使用申请人签名的图像或签名线上的“/s”进行签名.  发送电子邮件的“re”行应包括案件名称和委员会摘要号.  The body of the email shall include the title of the attached document, as well as the filer’s name and phone number.  

Documents received at or before 11:59 p.m. shall be lodged for filing on the day received.  Once a document has been accepted for filing, a stamped copy of the document will be emailed to the proper parties.  如果要归档的文件太大,无法通过电子邮件发送,则归档方应通过电子邮件发送 [email protected] to request further instructions.  本命令只涉及向董事会和听证委员会提交文件的方式.  提交的文件必须符合所有适用的董事会规则和/或适用的董事会或听证委员会命令。.

Miscellaneous.  所有董事会或听证委员会的报告和/或命令均应通过电子邮件送达各方. 

各方及澳门赌场官网须注意,就提交董事会或聆讯委员会的文件提供电邮地址的义务.  See Board Rule 19.5(a).

纪律澳门赌场官网须将本命令的副本连同任何控罪指明一并送达, any response contesting a Reinstatement Petition (e.g., a motion to dismiss or an Answer), 以及在保密纪律调查期间要求董事会发出命令的任何动议(e.g., a motion to compel a response to Disciplinary Counsel’s inquiry).

本命令的内容与《澳门赌场官网》的任何规定不一致, this Order shall control over any such inconsistent Board Rule.  董事会规则委员会将监察根据本命令进行的程序,以考虑是否修订董事会规则或本命令.

Please see Administrative Order 2023-1

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